Monday, 6 July 2015


                             NOTES OF CHAPTER 1 : BUSINESS DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY

Learning outcome:

  1. identify business department and how technology helps each of the department 
  2. comparison between mis and it
  3. the relations among people, information technology and information
types of business operations (departments):

  1. customer service
  2. human and resources 
  3. sales and marketing
  4. finance
  5. security
  6. operation management
technology goals:

  1. global expansion
  2. streamline supply chain
  3. generate growth
  4. create competitive advantage
  5. improve customer satisfaction
  6. improve productivity
  7. reduce cost 

  1. data: raw facts that describe the characteristic of an event 
  2. information: data converted into a meaningful and useful context
  3. business intelligence: applications and technologies that are used to support decision-making efforts 
it resources: 
  1. people use
  2. information technology to work with 
  3. information 

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